Time-Savvy Cleaning Tips From Hotel Housekeeping Professionals

So you clean your house everyday, priceless time and energy from your end is spent in turning it spick and span only to see it back in same place where you started from. What is the solution to that, should you hire a maid? But that might be an expensive option but lesser reliability. How about getting some useful tips from a professional who has been into this job for several years. Therefore, we went out and did some research by getting in touch with some professional housekeepers who worked in some of the greatest hotels for years. Here are some precious beans that were spilled by them:
● The first thing that you need is cut down the clutter. Whenever you start cleaning any specific part of your house, say, bathroom, the first thing you do is remove the biggest messes. It will bring down the temptation of just dusting things and keeping them back over a recently cleaned wet surface. The lesser the clutter sooner will the corner be cleaned and the place would look neat.
● Second, you need to gather the proper tools required for cleaning. With so much experience of housekeeping you must be knowing where to use sponge and where to use scrub. And the corner where none of the two reach, you know which small miracle will work – a used toothbrush. It is a handy and cheap tool that can clean out some of the biggest messes with great ease.
● A professional who worked in Marriott for a long time suggested that you should always leave bathroom for the last. There are some who suggest to do it first, but if you have a single bathroom free in your home and you need to run to it for cleaning stuff, cleaners, and washing small things, it is bound to get soiled. What use will it be if you clean it first and then smudge it with your own footprints and soiled clothes later. So, save this masterpiece for the end.
● There is a common question that is regularly put up by many housewives as to which type of cloth would suit their dusting drill the most. The simplest answer is – a microfiber cloth. You can either go for this or any 100 percent cotton cloth. In case, you don’t wish to waste money on new ones you can always use some old t-shirt or pillowcase.
● There are many places where normal dusting wouldn’t work, these are those corner where you will need to make use of cleaners. Homemade cleaners can always be of best help in this case. For example, to remove hard water stains from ceramic tiles, you can always use combination of vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Just spray the solutions over the tiles and let it settle there for some minutes and it will clean all hater water marks with great ease.
● Now let’s talk about vacuum against mop. These two need to be in syns. You may consider vacuum as an electronic brooms that need to be swept across the floor before you mop. It is the key to keep your place neat and clean without any hassles.
● Lastly, there are some specific corners of the house that are avoided in regular cleaning drills like the shower heads or the sink pipes, and so forth. These are the places that have maximum built up residue and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. You can always tie a bag of vinegar around the showerhead for the night and in the morning you will have a clean showerhead. Similarly, there are some home made solutions or dilute acid that you can pour in your and leave it overnight and by morning all clutter would have been cleaned.

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